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A Day to Remember–What Separates me From You

After Jeremy McKinnon’s(Lead Singer) break up he was inspired to write his band, A Day to Remember, latest album What Separates me From You. What separates me from you is about how he is now breaking free from his relationship. One of the most obvious songs in which he is referring to his ex-girlfriend is “Better off this way.” In this song Jeremy tells a story on how it is his ex-girlfriend’s fault for their break up and even though they broke up he is not unhappy about it. The majority of the songs on the album express Jeremy’s belief that the break up was simply the girl’s fault. In one song, he sings “Remember when I tried?/ I never strayed too far from you/ forever by your side, no matter what I was going through/ But now I never know these things to say to you/ to help me prove that I am still on your side.” The lyrics he writes are very passionate and one listening cannot help but feel the anger he felt. He mentions how after all that has happened to him he became a stronger person, and because the instruments in the background go nicely with it you feel a sense to never give up even after a break-up. The entire album is great, although it is softer than their older albums; A Day to Remember really out did themselves with What Separates Me From You. It has a mix of great music and lyrics that is both inspirational and moving.

Rise Against–Endgame

Tim McIlrath’s band Rise Against outdid themselves once again with their most recent studio album EndgameEndgame includes a variety of songs that appeal to many groups such as those facing a break-up, homosexuals, and nationalist. One of the best songs on the album is “This Is Letting go,” the lyrics describe a though person going through a break-up. It goes, “I stopped right then and said/Go on alone/‘cause I won’t follow/this is not giving up/no, this is letting go/out with the old/dreams I’ve borrowed/the path I carve from here on out will be my own.” The album is filled with many songs that inspire the strong side of a person. In one of their famous songs, “Make it stop (September’s children),” Rise Against commemorates those who committed suicide because they were pushed to their end by homophobia. They appeal to people by basically pleading people to, as the name goes, make it stop. Song after song the listener is moved by the selfless songs in the album and one cannot help but stop and think about the good deeds they could be doing in society. They make the listener open their eyes to the bad people there are in society and it incites them to do something against all the hatred to make the world a nicer place to live in.


After their band break-up, popular pop punk band Blink-182 released a highly anticipated album in September 27th of 2011. The eight yearwait for the album was worth it. Song after song you are reminded why you fell in love with the band years ago. Neighborhoods shows a new side of that band but it still includes some songs that remind you of their old ways. The album’s first released singles “Up All Night” is one of my personal favorite songs; its rhythm and style reminds you of their past albums. It is a great harmony from band lead singers Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus that does not help but send chills to the listener. Both Tom and Mark’s voices work perfectly well together making the song all that greater. Another popular song on the album is “Natives.” The lyrics show how sometimes even though you might seem perfect on the outside you might not truly be. It goes, “I am like a cat in a cage, locked up and battered and bruised/I am the prodigal son, a shameful prodigy too/I am the love of your life, battering ram and confused,” it proves how you know who you actually are and how you feel. The albums variety appeals to a various audience and whether it be a new blink listener or a long time follower, Neighborhoods will sure please one’s ears.
We Came as Romans–Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be

After going to various concert and unintentionally catching many We Came as Romans shows I decided to check them out and recently in September of last year they released a new album titled Understanding what We’ve Grown to Be. Even though I did not listen to WCAR on a daily basis I enjoyed their newest released album Understanding What We’ve Grown to be. The album sends a message of growing up and overcoming the challenges life puts us through. “Mis//Understanding” is my personal favorite songs on the entire album I enjoy Kyle Pavone’s clean vocals in the song. The song talks about how people can do things right but then everything else goes wrong, like if all the effort one does leads to nothing. Another popular song on the album is “Just Keep Breathing” written by lead guitarist Joshua Moore. He writes how one can only do so much for their own life. “So let’s get over it/ That we cannot and we won’t control anything else/ You cannot lose something you never had/ So why miss the memory of something that doesn’t exist.” It shows how people can only control a certain extend of things that occur in their lives and that is the point Joshua tried and succeeded in putting across with both this song and the entire album.

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