The Weeknd

Not everyone knows exactly who he is but most have heard his mesmerizing voice without knowing exactly who the artist is. Not to be confused with “Weekend” an American band, or “The Weekend”, a Canadian band, he is 23 year old Abel Tesfaye, or better known as “The Weeknd”. Abel is a Canadian recording artist who has composed 5 albums: House of Balloons, Echoes of Silence, Trilogy , and his newest, Kiss Land. The Weeknd is very unique than other R&B music artists. The Weeknd has a soft, fascinating voice, but his beats in his music proves the complete contrary. Combining both is what makes him unique and what latches the listeners to his music. Even though The Weeknd had a rough start in his career, he has now reached the top charts when he released his recent album, Kiss Land. Tesfaye has only worked with 2 big names artists in his career, such as Drake in “The Zone” , and Wiz Khalifa in “Remember Me”. His music is a combination of love and hate, which always proves that it is the best music around, right ? If you still have no clue who The Weeknd is, you should check out his music, it would be worth your time.

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