The Walking Dead


One of the trending shows this year that has caught many viewer’s attention has returned with its 4th season; The Walking Dead. In the past few seasons the setting took place in different locations, none of which being an ideal place to survive. This makes the storyline interesting since the “zombies” known as walkers are everywhere. There are only two kind  of people out there, the actual survivors and the dead. This makes it difficult for survivors to trust one another since all they care about is their own survival. Which leads to the epic storyline for the series.

As the main character Rick, wakes up in the hospital from a coma because he was shot he goes on a journey to find his family.  During his journey he faces many obstacles such as getting attacked by zombies, running out of food, and finding a place to stay.  He eventually finds his family. His family and him find another family that shelters them into their farm. Zombies then attack the farm causing many people to die. The people didn’t just die because they were bit by zombies but, because Rick as a leader was making terrible decisions for their survival.

Ricks leadership begins to get question by the people. Rick gave them a choice to go on their own or stay, but they all decided to stay. However, if they are alone or in a group it’s still dangerous.

As the seasons 2 and 3 go on, we can notice that Rick keeps making these wrong decisions. However not all his decisions are despicable because many times he’s saves lives. In season 4 Rick has more responsibilities since he brought a bus full of people. To take a case in point, it seems like season 4 will be very intense and exciting. Let’s see who wins this battle the zombies or the survivors.


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