Moxie Music Artist: Bastille


Bastille is an English  alternative rock band that has been around since 2010 and has recently made a come back into mainstream music. Bastille has recently brought out a new album called “Bad Blood” which includes their newest single Pompeii which has sold over half a million copies. Their new album “Bad Blood” was released in the the US on September 3rd, the US version of the album includes 3 extra tracks which include “The Silence”, “Weight of Living PT.1”. “and “Laughter Lines”.

In the United Kingdom the album has raged all across the music world and has gone platinum and became number 1  on the album charts. A lot of the tracks on the album have to do with life and how to find solace, self-reflection, and telling significant people in your life what you feel and how both have you grown either closer or apart. The love song on the album is called “Flaws” and singer is asking a girl he just met if she could fill the empty space in him. The album has very unique beats that include tracks with orchestral influences, electronic beats, and what seems like some African chanting that bring the tracks to life.

After asking other students about Bastille only about a small fraction of them have ever heard of them. The students that did know about them said they felt rather indifferent about them and they didn’t really appeal to them. I actually only found one student who was very very fond of them and she stated that downloaded many of their songs on the album and other past albums. She was rather a big fan of the band and was delighted to gear about their new album and how far the have came since 2010.

I, myself am a very big Bastille fan land love their new album and find power in their lyrics that you can’t really find in other songs or bands. One of my favorite tracks on the album is Icarus which blew me away because I am a very big fan of greek mythology and this song pays a great deal of homage to the story of Icarus.