Trevor Jackson


Released Date: September 24, 2013


Trevor Jackson,  a 17-year old male multi-talented teenager, born in  Indianapolis on August 30th, 1996. He has played in various roles including “Let it Shine” and “Eureka”. At this young age he has shown that he is full of talent and hopes to grow even more. In 2012 he won Young Artist Awards for Best Performance in a TV Series. Trevor Jackson can be portrayed as a younger version of Chris Brown. He has the talent and intrigue in his character. Trevor Jackson can be portrayed by many as a young version as Chris Brown. They have the same skills and work around the same genre. Both  Chris Brown and Trevor Jackson are pretty good dancers in which they have pretty good moves. They sound also kind of sound the same. “Drop it” in his albumis one of his songs which is talking about the dance floor where he notices a girl dancing that he wants.

Question &Comment:

Q:Have you ever heard of Trevor Jackson?

A:No not at all.- Ashley Sandoval, Junior

Q:What do yo think about his music? Is he good or bad?

A:“I like it… It makes you want to dance…They should put this in a dance.he’s good … Ever since you showed it to me i cant stop singing that song… its stuck to my head. I like the course.”- Ashley Sandoval, Junior

Q:Does he sound like Chris Brown?

A:“He reminds me of Trey Songz. I would say he sounds in a way in other tracks, he does sound like Chris Brown.”- Ashley Sandoval,Junior


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