Rio 2

After three long years, the long awaited Rio 2 is finally here. In the first movie  Blu, a domesticated bird, met Jewel, an independent bird, in order to mate to try to save their species, since they were the last two blue Macaw. The two were kidnapped and an adventure emerged while trying to escape from the kidnappers. They met friends along the way that help them escape. A friendly pit bull named Luiz, a small yellow bird named Nico, a small grey and red bird named Pedro, and a toucan named Rafael. At the end of the movie Jewel and Blu fall in love and end up together.


In the movie Rio 2 the adventurous Blu, Jewel, and their three children fly to the Amazon to try and help Linda and Tulio discover where the rest of the blue macaw live.They arrive there and encounter Jewel’s father, which he is happy to find his daughter is alive after years of believing she didn’t survive the fire incident. It is then that he discovers that he is now a granddad. Blu is faced with the dilemma of learning how to survive in the amazon since he is a domesticated bird. He also faces the unfriendly attitude from his father in law. The filled with laughter, excitement and suspense. It is great for the ages 7 and up.


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