What are your plans this Halloween?

If you’re looking for a terrifying thrill, Halloween horror nights is the place for you.  This Year universal studios has created an amazing experience for all the Halloween lovers.  “After 80 years of blood-curdling horror film production, Universal Studios brings you the most terrifying 360  degree Halloween in Los Angeles with more dead than ever,” (Universal Studios Website).
They have created new mazes  this year like the “The Purge Anarchy “ based on a movie that

hit the top list this year along with  others that have been long waited for by people this year .   “I really liked that it was really dark and you couldn’t really see anything because of all the smoke that  they use like with the smoke machine so I thought that made it really cool and scary,” said Jose Ruiz, senior at APB.  Horror night began last Friday, September 19 and ends Sunday, November 2 but it’s not everyday. It is open every Friday between those dates, a few Thursdays and only some Sundays. There are certain days you can get discounts on tickets, if you’re interested in getting a discount you can visit their website at http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/hollywood/2014/tickets.php .
If you want to live  the full experience you can get the VIP tickets that come with many cool things like:

  • endless front line entry to all of their mazes and rides.
  • private horror lounge which includes scare zone, DJ, drinks, and an amazing dinner.
  • You dont have to worry about looking for parking, the VIP passes has valet parking and exclusive VIP entrance included.
  • A VIP guide escorts you to the terror tram and there top 3 mazes which are The walking dead: “End if the line”, “From dusk till dawn” & “alien vs. predator”

APB student Nestor said, “I would go again because its worth it, the VIP tickets make it even better since you get free buffet, front line passes and entrance. It is a really cool experience I would recommend to others”.


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  1. Halloween Horror Nights was amazing this year! The mazes were well done and they were filled with a vast amount of scares! I would totally recommend it to a friend! Great article, I love reading the Gryphon Gazette!

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