End of the Year


High school is such an important part of our lives. It shapes our personal thoughts on life and what we want to do to make money. Here at APB students are pushed by the staff to do their best. Tirza senioritis2Orellana , a senior here at APB, says “I’m going miss the staff that I think of as family as well as my friends who have been with me through my tough times”. We are leaving behind the years of learning and preparing  to for the long road ahead and yet the stress of being in school is never going to leave us. The year is coming to an end and it’s almost time to take out those swimming suits. But is the senioritis over after graduation? After we graduate, we have a long road of college ahead of us if we decide to go down that path.

As we know, we still need to officially admit to the college we are applying to. We have all gotten the acceptance letter to our college we want to go. But it’s not as simple as that. Colleges can still say no to your application. Colleges still want to see that your grades are up to the qualifications of being in school. So if you think that getting a low passing grade is good enough, think again. Grades are what make colleges want you. You have to be a good student and have decent grades to be accepted but once you do get accepted you are in for a whole new experience that far surpasses the experience you had in high school. The environment is much different and the professors won’t know you as well because you might have a huge class. It makes you think of how lucky you are that you went to such a small high school where you got the necessary attention to be ready for what lies ahead. “I’m just scared because they say that college is just way more work than here in high school” says alondra a senior here at APB who is graduating and going to CSU Dominguez Hills  Most students here dont want to graduate yet because they will miss certain aspects of high school “The thing i would miss most would be my friends because we are all leaving to different school so we won’t see each other as much”  says Alodra.features.senioritis

Not all students are so nervous about leaving though. “I cant wait to go to college because I would be starting my new life as an adult” says Alodra. College will be a scary experience for a few days until you get used to it. But if this school has taught us anything it is that anything is possible in life you just need to have the initiative to prevail. The end of the school year is near and it is almost time for the current 11th graders to see what 12th grade is slike. All the work. The stress. The constant thoughts of “I wounder if I got accepted to the college of my dreams”.  This school has done all it can do to prepare all of us 12th graders. Knowledge is nothing. Its what you do with it that counts.

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