Disneyland: Increasing Prices?

by: Cindy G, Jasmin C Miguel V

Disneyland, is considered the happiest place on earth (their slogan). Not for some people. Disneyland has increased their prices, where even the one day ticket price is raised if you visit during seasons when the park is most crowded. Does Disney believe if the prices go higher than they already are, attendance will decrease? We consider the concept of inelastic demands. Elastic Demand measures changes in quantity demanded relative to changes in prices.

Disney has changed it’s prices depending on what day it is. Their prices are categorized as regular, peak or vale days. On peak days, which includes  times when park is most popular such as most of december, spring break, weekends, and summer, the cost is $120. On value days, the days the park is less busy which is monday-thursday, the cost is $95. On regular days which covers most weekends and most summer days, the price is $105.

APB senior, Bianca states that it’s a bad idea that Disney raises their prices because kids get upset if it’s too expensive and their parents can’t afford it therefore, it is not the happiest place on earth as they say they are. She also states that, “it’s a good ideas for disney to raise prices to have more business but not for society to have to pay more than expected”.


APB junior and Disney year pass holder Jennifer, states that she loves Disney and prices have gotten expensive but if you enjoy doing it’s worth it. She also states that, “I believe a fair price for each ticket should be no more than $80 dollars”.

APB senior Linda added, she goes once a year and loves Disney but the prices are super crazy. She states, “It’s like my second home, a place where people should keep going because it’s age limited. I seen grandparents get on rides and having a blast”.

APB freshman Destiny L and Marlene C, both also have year passes and love Disney but hate waiting for the long lines. They add, “ it’s a great place to go once in awhile”.

Disneyland is one of the most visited park every year. Their prices are extremely expensive right now but seems like people still seem to enjoy it and believe Disney is worth their new prices.

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