Captain America: Civil War Review

Captain America: Civil War Review

By Esteban and Gerardo

The new Civil War movie was released on May 6, 2016, and it has brought out a clear situation: a choice of choosing a side.

The movie begins and ends with a lot of action, but there are many scenes that were made to carry on the plot by having numerous conversations. The writers did a really great job of illustrating to the audience the thinking behind Iron Man and Captain America’s actions. The movie was very organized and the transitions were easy to follow. So if you did not see the previous films or read some comics the movie was easy to understand. Additionally, the audience were able to see both sides of the situation which is really helpful because the movie was made for the audience to pick a side.

Furthermore, the writers did a great job of giving each character a spot light throughout the movie, but the movie was still Captain America’s movie. For example, many characters had their moment to shine such as Ant Man. Marvel fans were finally introduced to the new Spider-Man who did not disappoint. The new Spider-Man is really good portrayal of the comics because he talks more than he fights, and the actor who plays him, depicted him as a kid. Miguel Verduzco, passionate comic book guy, said, “I like the new Spider-Man because he actually has web-shooters. He easily became my favorite characters in the movie because of the funny scenes with Iron Man, and the fact that he’s a rookie”. So, fans should be excited for the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming film. Fans were also introduced to the Black Panther, and he stole the show. In every Black Panther scenes, the action was breathtaking. Miguel also said, “The movie was lit because of Black Panther”. After watching the film, many fans probably thought how strong is Scarlet Witch because in the movie her powers were a great addition to Captain America’s side. Comic book readers should be happy with all the Easter Eggs throughout the movie.
The movie revolves around the fact that the Avengers are the strongest beings on Earth and their powers know no limit. Events after Ultron and another encounter with many casualties, countries around the world bring in the Sokovia Accords which are basically the Registration Acts in the comic books. In response, Captain and Iron Man both believed that they are right which separates the team. As viewers, people felt that they are both right by signing or not signing the new law which makes the plot interesting, since both sides are fighting what they think is right. The villain in the movie is Baron Zemo who does a great job in carrying out his agenda. Knowing that the Avengers are the most powerful beings on Earth, his plan involves breaking them up from the inside.  Overall, this film is one of the greatest Marvel films; it is up there with Winter Soldier.

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