Monster Hunter World Review


On January 26, 2018 capcom released a new game to it’s Monster Hunters series called Monster Hunters World. The series of Monster Hunters games date back to 2004, where the first game was released for the Ps2 on March 11, 2004.

Monster Hunters games have been around since 2004, and has since then expanded on it’s series to Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo and so on with numerous of other games. Monster Hunters is a more than what it seems; the game it’s a action role playing game where you take the role of a Hunter wlaying and hunting monsters across the vast land as quest given in the game. Monster Hunter World has more to say then it’s title. Monster Hunter World is a great achievement for capcom for one it’s new games of the year.


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Monster Hunters World has a total of 14 weapon types and 18+ weapons for their final form that can be upgraded.  The game would be an everlasting hunting sensation allowing you to go into its world and craft.This game would keep you busy for hours and hours, because besides its ordinary quest, the game also has a story quest. There’s no specific goal to the game, but just to have some fun roaming around the world in the game. The games is lots of fun while building weapons and being able to hunt down powerful creatures. The game also allows multiplayer online which expands the hunt and can make it much more exciting.

The game mechanics are given a 9.5 for its amazing gameplay. The game is said to be loads of fun and hours of endless entertainment to the player.