Balancing kids and students: The Teacher’s Dilemma

by: Esmeralda Reyes, Liliana Rodriguez and David Lopez

You see that person in front of the class. How well do you know them? How well do you pay attention to their personal life stories?

There are many teachers at APB that have kids are mostly toddlers and if you live with toddler then you know how much time attention they need. Pictures of teachers and their kids are going to be placed under and you have to guess which kid belongs to which teacher. We can agree that we all have the curiosity of knowing if our teachers have kids and if they look anything like them.

Many teachers say how they find it difficult to balance time and work and having kids is not an easy task.

See if you can guess which kid belongs to who?























A with Q

B with J

C with L

D with P

E with N

F with R

S with O

F and G with M

H with I

K with T

Many teachers say how they find it difficult to balance time and work and having kids is not an easy task. It’s hard enough to be a teacher but, it’s even harder to have kids of your own and be a teacher.

Having kids and working is hard, but our teachers make it work. They say a key element is managing their time wisely. Ms.Ramos says it’s important to finish as much as she can at work, when I do go home I can give all my attention to my kids. It is not an easy job because they sacrifice some quality time with their children. Our teachers have to give up a lot of there personal and fun activities to dedicate their time on us. Students need to realize that teachers have their own life and it is not easy. We should try and help them out when we can to make their lives easier.  A friendly reminder try not to give them a hard time because that can affect their mood throughout the day. Remember they to have a life outside of school so do not make it more difficult than what it may.

English teacher Ms. Edelman said  “being time efficient is very important”. Therefore we should be glad at the fact that they stay after school and help us out when we need it. We take the help they give us for granted without knowing the time they sacrificed to teach us rather than spending time with their families.


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