Diy Christmas gifts

By: Lindsey Rodriguez and Elmer Garcia

Movie Night kit


First up we got a great gift for anyone who loves to sit back, relax, and pop a good movie once in a while. Making this gift ideal for a close friend or significant other. What makes this gift great, is your ability to personalize it depending on the person receiving it. Whether it be; box color, movies, snacks, or drinks.   

Slipper Basket

You know how you never know what to get your dad for Christmas well, praise the Lord because your prayers have been answered. Introducing the Slipper Basket is a great gift given how easy it is to make and the vanity gifts inside. After a long day of getting that bread what dad doesn’t want to come home to a relaxing spa day.  

Candy Bouquet

Here we have the chocolate basket great for anyone with a sweet tooth or craving something sweet in their life. This gift will make their holidays a lot sweeter.

Mug with message

If you entered a secret Santa and had no idea what to buy under 20 dollars then this is a great gift to make. All you need is a mug and a sharpie to write a secret message or a drawing. Though when they are drinking out of the mug they will remember you.

Makeup Bouquet

We all have a diva in our life, so why not spoil her with a makeup bouquet. Roses are so old fashioned, any diva would much rather have make up over silly old flowers.

Coffee Basket

Here we have a gift perfect for any crackhead wait no coffee addict. Honestly what’s the difference. This is a great gift to feed their addiction. This gift comes packed with goodies. It comes with a Starbucks coffee cup, a gift card and and bad of coffee beans.

Game Night Basket

You know those times when your hanging out with your friends but you guys don’t know what to do. Then this is a great gift to give to your friends. So now when you go over to there house you guys can have a fun game night .

Photo collage

If you are not sure what to give your friends then this is a great gift to make for them. It shows that you enjoyed the time you spend together over the years. It’s easy to make to just print pictures that you took together and glue them on a canvas.


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