Smash Bros. Ultimate


On December 7, the newest installment of the Smash series was released, and fans are ecstatic. Masahiro Sakurai has really outdone himself, he included the whole cast from previous titles and new characters, with the addition of 5 dlc (downloadable content) characters. This means that there will soon will be a total of 75 playable characters. So far Smash Ultimate has been selling 3 million copies every 11 days, these are record breaking numbers. It seems everyone is jumping on the Smash bandwagon, even people at our school. The nerds at nerd club have been hyped for this new game for a long time, one member said “Bro like, I’ve been waiting for this game ever since Smash 4 got stale, I’m glad they’re still releasing new games”. Many nerd club members also agree with the anonymous nerd club member, Smash ultimate offers so much more. I also interviewed newcomers to the franchise, I asked them what were their first impression on Smash 5. Current senior Jorge Leal just bought the game and he has been having a blast, “Aaayy, I have been playing the game nonstop since I got it, I’ve been having a lot of fun”(Jorge Leal). I also asked Marvin Gonzalez about the new online multiplayer experience, “ Even though my Internet is garbage, I can get two games in before I start to lag out, but playing with my friends online is really fun”(Marvin Gonzalez). Overall, Smash Bros. Ultimate is hands down the best game of it’s franchise, and I do recommend this game because it appeals to both the “play for fun” audience and the “For glory”  audience. This is why give this game a 10/10.