Do Girl Gamers Exist?

The Rising Numbers of Women playing Video Games

By Nathan Juarez

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Video games are a favorite hobby for many epic gamers. Video games are not just a stupid hobby. It actually brings people together and people have a chill and fun time playing video games. The video game industry the best in entertainment right now. It has passed the movie entertainment industry by billions. However, the gaming community is marred in controversy, the most noticeable was gamer gate. The issue centered around sexism and progressiveness in video games. This split the gaming community for a very long time ever since then the number of girl gamers is growing

The percentage of girl gamer are 48 percent it is almost 50/50 compared to 2010 when it was just 40 percent. For a long time it was believed to be only dominated by males. However, According to a study published from the Washington Post shows only 6 percent of women identify themselves as a hardcore gamer compared to 13 percent of men. A small factor to why more females are getting into video games is because many game developers are appealing to women like Battlefield V a first person shooter that showed women fighting in the front lines of WW2. The game received a lot criticism because it was trying to appeal more to progressives and women instead their core fan base and lack realism like previous titles.

The main factor of why more women are getting into video games is the mobile game genre. It is something that many people can easily get into. So many people have a smartphone and a lot of the mobile games are free to play. Mobile games are cheap and is a easy way to kill time unlike video games consoles and PC, which are expensive and then people have to  shell out more money on 60 dollar games. Whether or not mobile gaming is considered gaming or not, women still leave an impact on the gaming industry good or bad.

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