I Am the Night

by Dulce Rivera

The new upcoming crime drama television show, “I Am the Night” is based on a true story of the unsolved crime “The Black Dahlia.” In this new show, you follow through the perspective of a young teenager Fauna Hodel played by India Eisley who was given away at birth with no knowledge of her origins. As Hodel begins to search on who was her biological mother, she comes across a reporter played by Chris Pine whose career was destroyed from a case he was following.

Now they will have to work alongside each other, but are they both prepared for the long sinister trail that comes in their way? For those who never heard of the mystifying case “The Black Dahlia” had took place in Los Angeles, California in the year 1947. A young women named Elizabeth Short was born in Boston, Massachusetts in July 29, 1924 before moving to Los Angeles by the mid- 1940s. Short worked as a waitress in hope that she will one day achieve her dream of being an actress for she had developed the interest in cinema.

Though soon enough Short never got the chance to achieve her dream because by January 15, 1947 she was found murdered in Leimert Park. During this time Elizabeth Short had earned the nickname “The Black Dahlia” from many of the journalists and her murder case became widely known due to the fact that in the crime she was mutilated and bisected at the waist. Many detectives had tried to bring justice towards the death of Short though none had succeed. There had been many suspects provided by eyewitnesses and evidence of the crime scene to support on who can be the murderer.

One of the suspects that is highly known is Dr. George Hodel though he was never charged with the murder. Hodel was known to be very rich, had connection and was a very dashing man. He was in charge of a disease clinic in which gave him knowledge over a wide variety of sexual lives from within the city of Los Angeles. George was accused by his detective son, Steve Hodel, although this isn’t such a surprise since George had a past record of being accused of molesting his fourteen year old daughter, criticizing his secretary, and been having problems with money. Steve has mention that his father had a breezed through medical school which can support how Short was brutally found. Though it must be known that Steve had took in the case of “The Black Dahlia” after he had retired from being a detective.

Now in the present time, it has been 72 years since “The Black Dahlia” case was once open, though no one knows for sure who is the murderer and the case has been closed ever since. This crime has been in a movie “The Black Dahlia” back in 2006 and will now be a television show. The forthcoming show “I Am the Night” first episode will be release in January 28, 2019 and will be air on TNT. The show now has two of their episodes made and ready to be release once the time has come.

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