How does Public Display Affection make others Feel?

Here in APB there’s many relationships whom enjoy to show their love. However, there’s always a time and place when to show a certain amount of affection. Some students take advantage of the time they have together at school. But due to this they may make others feel uncomfortable such as student, staffs, and outside guest. They may not know when it is appropriate to show affection, but the school is here to show students when is the right time and when it isn’t.

Many staffs are affected and at times at a lost of words when couples show too much affection. It may cause awkwardness between anyone who witnessed it, which is why there are policies such as the 3 second hug. This policy has been created to monitor the relationship on school campus and be mindful of others. Principal Reed says, “Any public affection should not last more than 3 seconds, that doesn’t include hand holding. But tight grips that last an entire lunch period that’s not appropriate for a professional environment.“  

“No one should walk down the hall and feel bombarded with the making out and all twisted up in knots that’s not appropriate for a public place. But it’s great if people are dating, that totally fine

its age appropriate.” He believes that it is fine to be in a relationship and show affection but not where it is overboard.

Although, it has made some people feel uncomfortable it is the school’s job to enforce couples to be respectful, safe, and consensual. Couples should be aware of the boundaries they can cross, they should know the limit. Junior and Senior Chemistry teacher Ms. Roselman says, “ Its weird for me sometime to see couples making out and it gets me very uncomfortable that I end up yelling. Pecks are okay but full on making out is gross.”

Mr. Reed would also like to state that, all policies in the planner still go for after school and should always be followed. There should not be any couples hiding in small corners or be outside being inappropriate. Students should always be safe outside and inside school. They should also be mindful of others being around.

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