Popularity of Game Genres Summer 2021

A list of games and game genres collected for use of popularity to determine the most popular genres for people to pick up and play.

By Oscar Arreaga and Christian Arellano

Video game genres ranked by units sold. Source: J Clement, May 5, 2021, Statista.com


While summer was in full swing, video games rose in popularity along with the amount of genres games there are as well.

Games have a huge popularity. However there are several different genres such as adventure, RPG, shooter, or action. Each is ranked here based on statista and Twitch showings.

With ranking of genres being sold going from 1-9 which are action #1, shooter #2, role-playing #3, sport #4, adventure #5, fighting #6, racing #7, strategy #8, and others #9 shown above. This gives action as the most popular or sold.

A senior, Joanna Moreno, “There are many games that are very good, with good animation or good story telling, but also their genres like sci-fi or medieval. For action shooters there is an easier game for people.”

Action games tend to be games with a focus on their namesake, action. These games tend to have lots of segments focused on reaction time and hand-eye coordination. Strategy games however test your mind or your mentality to solve puzzles or make plans.

With another piece of information, shows the change of popular game genres over just 2 days in the month of August. According to Twitch’s viewer ranking, Grand Theft Auto V , an adventure game, sits at the top of the charts with 386K viewers. Minecraft , a simulation game,  is in second place with 367K viewers. Apex Legends , an FPS and shooter game, is in third place with 170K viewers. League Legends, a MOBA and action game, isat 4th with 168k viewers, and Counter-Strike, an FPS and shooter game, is in 5th with 152k viewers.

Then for 6-10 rankings we have, Call of Duty: Warzone a FPS, and shooter with 141K viewers, Valorant a shooter, and FPS with 122K viewers, Fortnite a shooter, and action with 118K viewers, Aliens: Fireteam Elite a shooter, action with 74.6K viewers, and Dota 2 a MOBA, action with 59.3K viewers).

Senior, Alexis Moreno says, “League of Legends is one of the biggest mobile games made and accessible and minecraft ever since it came out, while GTA or grand theft auto has still been relevant, while the rest are all action and have a lot of shooting”.

The most viewed genre of games or popular games fall under the category of action, FPS, or shooter.

The least viewed genre of games or popular games fall under the category of a multiplayer online battle arena that involves team vs team action or known as MOBA.

Then for day 2 of games and their genres ranked. First games ranked based on views 1-5 are Grand Theft Auto V an Adventure Game with 355K viewers, Minecraft a Simulation with 240K viewers, Counter-Strike an FPS, and shooter with 169K viewers, League of Legends a MOBA, and action with 150K viewers, and DOTA 2 a MOBA, and action with 121K viewers.

Then rankings of views 6-10 show for , 6.Call of duty: Warzone a FPS, and shooter with 122K viewers, Valorant shooter, and FPS with 126K viewers, Fortnite a shooter, and action with 106K viewers, Apex Legends a FPS, and shooter with 100K viewers, and Slots a gambling game with 70.3K viewers.

Senior, Brayan Alonso says ,” I believe that these games are the most popular because of how open world they are. They are almost limitless in possibilities (with the exceptions of the shooter games)”.

The most viewed or seen in the rankings can be related to first person shooter (FPS), shooter, action, and even MOBA had decent but better than last time.

The least viewed genre would be adventure and simulation despite being at the top from the rankings shown on twitch during day 1 and 2.

The most viewed genres, combining both twitch and statista, are action and shooter games. Games of the genre  can be Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Counter-Strike.

The least viewed genres by using twitch and statista are strategy, MOBA, and adventure. Games related to these genres are Legend of Zelda, League of Legends, and Assassins Creed.

And in all, if you are looking to get into games during the summer, choosing the most popular ones may help in getting a game that you can likely enjoy with friends.


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