The Farmers Market and The Grove


The weekend rolls around and you have nothing to do. Where to go? We live in LA but there is still so many places and cultures to explore. Well, get off your couch and start off with The Grove! The Grove is a place of shopping, exploring, and having fun. According to Google reviews, it has won itself a four star title and is one of the most visited sites of LA. Besides being young, opening in February of 2002, and being a bit pricey (considered a $$$ site) it has prospered very well. According to the reviews made by other visitors it has an incredible atmosphere: music, season spirit, water fountains, coy fish, train tours, and hosted events opened for public! Don’t miss this all out and fall for others words, check it out for yourself!

Reaching the other side of The Grove you will be able to find the original farmers market which was established in 1934. This amazing place has won itself the Certificate of Excellence for 2013. Its price range is $10-$30, and the atmosphere is energetic and amazing! In the Farmers Market you will be able to find international food restaurants such as Spanish food, Thai food, French food, Brazilian food, Chinese food, and of course all American food. ┬áThere is something for everyone! There are mini stores for every individual. Fro, toys for the little ones and snacks for the fatties, to a sticker planet for the addicts ( that’s me!) Well go check it out and get your own opinion!

These directions to both sites can be found at the other end of the link attached.

* Go explore and send us your pics! We’ll put them on our page and make you part of our world.


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