YouTube Workout Page of the Week

This week´s YouTube Workout Page is FORTRESS ‘s workout . With 144,302 subscribers Paul shows the viewer how to workout correctly without using or buying any equipment, so he is a trusted home workout instituter. He believes that working out is more spiritual so he has made some videos where you will find your inner power. In the videos that he has made shows us how to workout specific parts of the body. He is very specific with the instruction that the viewer must follow in order to get the most out of their workout. There are two places where you can see his clips: his website or his YouTube page .

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  1. This is a very interesting topic to write about, so I give you credit for deciding to tackle this. But, you should put much more detail into this; it’s so short. You could go around school and ask people to watch one of the videos and ask their opinion about it and write about it. You’re basically trying to get people to want to go to this website, so sell it. Talk about some of the workouts and specific muscles that it will build up. You can also bring up the results that people have gotten, if there are any. This article has much potential.

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