Interview with the Doctor: New Admin Dr. Woods

Have you guys seen a new face around APB lately? A blond-haired woman patrolling the school? Looks like APB has a new  administrator. Meet Dr. Woods, the newest addition to the APB family.

Dr. Woods is an administrator in residence who has recently joined the Animo Pat Brown Community. She previously worked at other Animo schools such as Animo Locke and Animo Ralph Bunche. She arrived to APB in hopes of learning about the members of the school as well as what makes us so great.

Dr. Woods grew up impoverished in Santa Ana, California. She was raised in an abusive home. In order to evade her troubles at home she retreated to her sanctuary, school. For Dr.Woods school meant “safety” and “was a way to survive” the hardships of her personal life. She looked up to her teachers and considered them to be her parents. She used her background and childhood as a form of motivation towards improving her livelihood. She has earned many degrees including a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, as well as a Masters and Doctorate in Education. Her teaching career consists of running youth groups, coaching, and teaching for 20 years before finally becoming an administrator.

When asked of her first impressions in regards to the school she said she was amazed. She was awe struck by the amount of student learning as well as how students genuinely took learning seriously. The students, she notes, are genuinely happy and hardworking as well  as respectful and evidently striving for the best. Many of the APB students have taken the initiative to greet her but she still has yet to  meet every student.She was also impressed by the high caliber of teachers. Now that she has been here for a few weeks she has decided that APB is indeed a great school.


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