Most common snack at APB

One of the most common snacks at APB are Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. They are the best selling snacks at our school. They are the most prefered by most students during lunch time, which causes the line of the vending machine to be extremely long and impatient for students that are craving the snack. They may be delicious and addicting, but they actually have some serious effects on the human body if consumed too much.

Not many know this fact, but the snack was actually created  by immigrant janitor Richard  Montañez who worked in the Frito-Lay Rancho Cucamonga plant in California since 1976. Montañez had the idea by gathering his observations and decided to add a large amount of red chili to a Cheeto.

The Hot Cheetos may be addicting, but it is actually very bad to ones health because it contains high levels of salt, fat artificial colors with little nutrition and fiber in return. Due to this, many parents and teachers believe that they should not be sold on school ground, which is why LAUSD prohibits the selling of the product on school campuses. One might ask why they sell it on our school, but remember we are not part if the LAUSD, which it doesn’t really prohibit us to not sell the snack. Not only do Cheetos damage your health, when one shares the snack with other students, which causes the spread of germs. Apart from the smaller effects, there are bigger serious problems. Gastritis can become a struggle due to Hot Cheetos because this disease causes inflammation, erosion, or irritation in ones stomach. Not only that, but spicy chips such as Hot Cheetos have caused many people to go to the emergency room for stomach pain.

When asked about the snack, junior Anthony Gomez believes that Cheetos are addicting because not only due to their flavor, but because they are available everywhere. Even though he knows that they are bad for your health and can cause you health problems, he still consumes them because “its the preferred thing to eat rather than the food that is given to the students during lunch.”  When asked if its possible for someone to stop eating them for a while, he responded ” Yes, they are addicting but you can overcome it by eating something else like healthier snacks.”


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