Staff Writer : Kevin Castro

Kevin is a senior here at APB (but you knew that already).  He believes that journalism is necessary in life because he feels that people need to know about what goes on in the world or even in their own n.eighborhoods. When I asked Kevin what he had to say about the staff here at APB he replied with, “The teachers and staff here are awesome because they are amiable and intelligent”. When it comes to writing he was mostly interested in writing about student life, entertainment and sports. Kevin believes the have great courses here at APB but if their were a bigger variety of different subjects such as different languages and music classes the school would be better. Besides school Kevin likes to spend his afternoons watching his favorite show How I Met Your Mother. When it comes to sports Kevin is a big baseball guy he enjoys playing it and watching baseball games. As a fun fact Kevin loves taking long walks and the beach and going to different art museums. That’s all you need to know about him

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