Are you smarter than a LAUSD student?

The California Charter Schools Association is the member ship and professional organization serving 912 charter public schools and more than 365,000 students in the state of California

“Clearly Charter Schools in Los Angeles are offering the kinds of innovative successful programs that are achieving results for kids” said Jed Wallace, President and CEO of the California Charter Schools Association

Many of Animo Pat Brown students attended a LAUSD middle school.

Coming from a LAUSD school to a charter school could mean changes. Some say that attending a charter high school changed them in a positive way.

Jose Ruiz, a freshmen student at APB, said that attending a charter high school changed him in his learning ability. “I learn more. I got better at math. Here they actually put you to work. They put more attention even though in Drew I was a magnet student”.

Crystal Cueto, a sophmore at APB, went to Charles Drew Middle School and said that coming to a charter high school has made her accomplish more.

“The teachers give you extra help if you don’t understand something”, said Crystal. “The teachers push you here to get more things done and in middle school, they didn’t really care.”

Attending a LAUSD high school would have impacted Crystal differently than Attending a charter high school. “I wouldn’t have tried as hard and my grades would be F’s”, said Crystal.

Some say that attending a charter school has made no impact in their lives.

“No, one way its pretty much that there isn’t so much to do here”, said Oscar Duque, a junior at APB. “It’s always the same routine. There aren’t really any important events on school”, said Oscar.

Overall, charter high schools seem to influence students in a very positive way. There are differences in whether students should have attended a LAUSD high school versus a Charter High School.

“The Mission of the California Charter Schools, Association is to influence the legislative and policy environments, leverage collective advocacy, and provide resources to support our members is developing high quality” said Wallace.

Median API Charter Non Charter Difference








Middle Schools




High Schools




As shown in the chart above, overall charter schools score twenty-nine points more over non charter schools.

Charter high schools API score is 717 compare to the Non Charter high schools which its API score is 629. In conclusion charter schools out do non charter schools in academics.

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