Budget cuts affect 2012 graduation ceremony

Seniors are expressing frustrations and asking questions about why they might be celebrating graduation at Clay Middle School.

Student Council is in charge of planning graduation and have a $6000 budget to plan the event, Student Council Advisor Catherine Perez said.

Last year’s graduation “was at a very expensive venue,” the University of Southern California cost about 9000 dollars, Ms. Perez said.

“Its not fair “ senior Emilio Valle said “they should at least let us do fundraisers.”

And that is exactly what Student Council is already thinking.

”We’re going to talk to the seniors and see what they want and see how much we fund raise.” Ms. Perez said “But 6000 dollars is a lot of money,”

Although Clay Middle School is one possibility, the class of 2012 has the opportunity to have a similar graduation as the class of 2011 at USC.

“Having it at USC added to the excitement of graduation” former APB senior graduate Cynthia Diaz said “but i can honestly that at the ceremony I was more focused on listening to every speech that was given.”

Emilio said that he thinks the location does matter because its High school that they are graduating from and that they deserve something nice from all their hard work.

“I think graduation is really about the accomplishment of our students and not how shiny the stage is” Hartford said.

Cynthia also said that as long as your friends and family get to attend your graduation and share with those emotions with you, it will be an amazing experience.

“So we never had the budget to go to USC That was way over our budget, even last year and it was just an emergency” Hartford said.

Senior Kimberly Arenas said not too be greedy but for her and the other students hard work they should be acknowledged.

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