Gryphons welcome new family members

Students are seeing five new teachers and one new vice principal for the new school year at Animo Pat Brown. New faces bring new energy to APB. Many students and staff feel that the new teachers and vice principal can make a new school year better in academics, better than the years passed.

Eleventh grade students received a new English teacher Katy Bruski who will be teaching the students American Literature for the brand new school year.

“Ms. Bruski is very knowledgeable and knows what she is doing,” junior Andres Cervantes said.

“I look forward into teaching because I know they carry the potential to succeed and do well,” Bruski said.

Ninth grade students also received two new teachers: Crystal Vine who is teaching Literary Analysis and Melissa Ramirez who is teaching English to the students.

“I see good energy in the students,” Vine said.  “They participate in school and they show they really want to be in school.”

“The students are very sweet and I hope to improve their English skills,”  Ramirez said.

Both Vine and Ramirez said they share passion at our school.

English isn’t the only the subject that received new teachers

Eleventh grade students received Lauren Ishiokari has the Algebra 2 student teacher to Martha Mata.

“The students are very enthusiastic about their classes and since it is a smaller school they care more about education.”Lauren Ishiokari said.

The school also received a new science teacher Robert Daniell who will be teaching Physics and biology.

Student teacher to Andrew Osterhaus, Steve Skoropad, is also teaching physics and robotics.

“Students are great, diligent and they care about their classes they want to become smarter,” Skoropad said.

“All the students are very motivated and have great attitudes and it is my pleasure to be thier teacher,” Daniel said

Lauren Beattie is the new civil history teacher.

“I really like it so far,” Beattie said.  “I love the energy that the students have and the commitment of the teachers that I have met.”

Not only will students see new faces in the classroom, but the main office and hallways have a new second in command to principal Josh Hartford: vice principal Kuoching Ngu.

“My focus is for all students to be able to pay attention on there classwork and not behavioral issues,” Ngu said.

“Prepare you for school and life,” Ngu said.

For the brand new year we get to start off fresh with brand new staff members to help us succeed.

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