New freshmen, new experiences, new environment

Class of 2015 has arrived with an optimistic view and others come in not knowing what to expect from this environment. There are new set of rules to adjust to, teachers, friendships to make and aspects of their lives to get used to now that they’ve arrived in Animo Pat Brown.

    New freshman, Yolanda Miranda said  her first impression of APB is “the teachers are cool because they teach new things to learn”. The teachers make the students feel good by giving off a good vibe, she said.

Before beginning their first year in high school, all 9th graders must attend Summer Bridge. In the course of this program the freshmen are tested on their skills to read and answer questions regarding the short story and their basic math skills, Reading Teacher Catherine Perez said.

“As a class, their Summer Bridge data is higher than the rest in APB, so far,” Perez said.

Coming from middle school the expectations to a new school are different. Classes, rules, and teachers are different and expect more maturity from students even though many are still adjusting from their middle school lives.

Technology teacher Amy Cox said she expects the freshmen “to follow directions.”

Freshmen may not take school seriously and  may be given too much pressure, but teachers are making plans to improve their teaching this year and expect the students to return the hard work by cooperating in class and trying their best.

“It’s not so different from last year,but there are new changes in teachers that will make a big change in the field” Cox said.

Teachers not only want to do their part in improving the learning skills of their students ,but also want their students to do their half by completing their work and putting in effort.

“It will be interesting to see how the freshmen change throughout the year.” Cox said.

Even though freshmen now are new and nervous, teachers will expect the students mature throughout the years and try hard to strive for their future. Overall 9th grade teachers at APB have a optimistic view towards class of 2015.

Yolanda also commented that she expects, “most students will have better jobs from what they learn” from APB after they graduate and experience life for the first time.

“I am impressed with the 9th grade class so far”said Principal Joshua Hartford. In order for the freshmen to be the next successful graduating class,“they need to come to school everyday,do your work for school and ask for help when you need it…so take it seriously” he advised to the freshmen.

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