New year brings new detention, tardy, uniform rules

Principal Joshua Hartford talks to students during a school assembly.

Elizabeth Sanchez

Principal Joshua Hartford talks to students during a school assembly.

New uniform, tardy, and detention policy has stirred up a lot of different view points among the school; some people see it as a progress for the school while others are just fed up.


“Teens should have a chance to express themselves,” freshmen Exsavier Maldonado said.
Exsavier said he believes everyone should be able to show their own personality because everyone is their own person and the uniform policy is not allowing people to be unique.

On the other had others like John Ibarra another freshmen “feel safe” with the new rules. He believes that by being a small school that enforces the rules, APB creates a safer environment for students.

In comparison to John’s old school, Charles Drew Middle school, rules are actually enforced at APB, he said.
“People didn’t really care about the rules so they weren’t enforced,” John said. “Since rules weren’t really enforced, there were a lot of fights” he added.

The late policy has changed it’s system this year students can now serve for their tardies during lunch but students find that even being one second late gets you a lunch give back a little too drastic.
“I liked the old rules better. I don’t like the new tardy policy” senior Oscar Lopez said. “I also don’t like how your parents have to pick you up if you don’t serve the 15 minutes during lunch,” he added.
Detention it another thing that changed, it is now served on Friday and students are given the chance to attend guided study to make up detention time.

Assistant principal Kuoching Ngu, stated “students are given a chance to make up detention time by coming to guided study.” He believes that changing the detention schedule to Friday instead of having it on Mondays and Thursdays would make students want to avoid receiving a detention throughout the week.


Changing the detention policy is more “convenient” because having detention on Friday would take away the extra hour they have out of school which would encourage the students to get to school on time Ngu said..

The dress code also changed this school year, students are not allowed to bring hats to school at all and gray shoes have been banned.
Katy Bruski, an English 11 teacher believes, “the dress code policy prevents people from wearing provocative clothing to school,” but like Exavier she also believes that students should be able to express themselves using their own style.
Jose Ramirez, a math teacher, thinks that the new rules lets the students know what’s okay and not okay to wear. He also “feels bad” if students bought things earlier and they find out they are not allowed to wear them in school, but he believes it is better for students to learn how to be professional now then in the future.