Senior Year: The Sequel

The loss of focus on the importance of classes lead several members of the class of 2011 to stay behind and instead graduate with the class of 2012, secondyear seniors said.
Many of these second year seniors have to retake classes with students much younger than them.
“I cried, no lie,” second year senior Jhasel Castillo said. “ First day of school I wanted to cry because I saw that freshmen were where my friends sat at.”
Second year senior Angel Iribe said that his laziness and friends were the distraction to not being able to focus in school.  He said his advice to all those students is to do their classwork and homework.
Many seniors turned their life around when they found out they were not graduating on time.
It is better that a student graduate in five years, rather than never, APB principal Joshua Hartford said.
Angel said that he will make many changes this year, like doing his homework so he can be able to graduate in 2012.
“Don’t let others influence you,” Jhasel said. “Do your work get into honors, AP classes, do what you gotta do.”
Not everyone who does not graduate get to be a super senior, Hartford said. There are requirements. Only those to show a turn around prove that one more year of high school will help them out.
“The advice that I give to others is to not mess up, its really easy to pass your classes if you put effort in them all,” second year senior Tania Flores said.
“Its no fun not being able to graduate on time,” Tania said, adding that she now knows what she will do differently this year to make sure she graduates on time.
“What made me lose focus was all the drama into with other girls it lead to suspension and I never made up the work I missed,” Tania said

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