Students’ state of mind changes yearly

The state of mind of a high school student is subject to change as time progresses. A new grade often means new means new priorities. Although every student ultimately works towards graduation, priorities differ amongst grade levels at Animo Pat Brown Charter High School.


For incoming freshmen high school is all about starting over and new friends, sophomores tackle the CAHSEE and the PSAT, juniors concern themselves with their Grade point averages, and the seniors apply to colleges. All student are expected to deal with their responsabilities accordingly, despite the trials of a new grade


Freshman Joann Rios said she sees her 9th grade year as a “fresh start.”


“I am looking forward to meeting new people,” Joann said.


Joann said she believes high school will be a place where she can meet various people, and acknowledges the new role of teachers in her life.


Joann said she feels as though the APB staff cares more about her education than the staff at her middle school, Charles Drew Middle School ever did.


“This school has been more patient on me and helpful,” Joann said. “Now I have teachers that care about my grades”.


Incoming sophomores have now moved up on the high school food chain, and now have to worry about the CASHEE examination and maintaining a good CSU/UC grade point average.


Sophomore Natali Flores said she feels anxious about the demands of 10th grade.

“I feel nervous because I am not confident about it,” Natali said, “But I’m sure that the teachers will prepare us for everything that will be on it”

The transition from freshmen to sophomore has changed Natali’s mentality as well as that of her fellow sophomore Dennise Tejeda.


“The differences between 9th and 10th grade is that in 9th grade everything is a little bit easier you don’t take things as serious in 9th grade”, Dennise said.

As 9th graders, students don’t care about their grades as much as students prioritize the fear being a “loner”


“But 10th grade is harder you have more responsibilities and you now know what the school overall expects from you,” Denise said.


On the other hand, for incoming juniors the 2011-2012 year is the last year colleges will examine during the application process. Junior Julian Catano feels he has more responsibilities.


In previous years at APB Julian felt he did not put much effort into his school work but this year his perspective has changed. “I take things serious, and I’ve matured as the grades have progressed” Julian said.

The ACT and SAT are necessary for any high school student in order to set themselves apart from fellow applicants. Julian said, with lack of enthusiasm, that Saturday mornings “shouldn’t be wasted on a test”, although he feels certain that the APB staff has prepared him.


The class of 2012 has to now work on college research, scholarships, and the application process, this has them both excited and scared.


“This is the last year, so we need to do well and get good grades in order to pass our classes,” senior Illiana Silva said.” If we don’t there are no second chances”.


Illiana and fellow senior Raquel Guevara said they are joining SRLA in order to expand their college applications with added extracurricular activities.


“We hope to join in order to be eligible for the scholarship,” they said.


While the school year has just began, the new grade still holds alot of potential for students who devote themselves to their studies. APB’s versatile staff and rigorous curriculum will attempt to mold their students into fine young adults.

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