Students surrounded by unhappy meals

In the neighborhood where Animo Pat Brown is located,there are more then twenty fast food restaurants within walking distance and only 5 grocery stores. Many students find it easy to go have a meal in these restaurants and hang out with their friends as oppose to eating something healthy.

Fast food restaurants that are within walking distance of schools increases the possibility that students will become obese in comparison to students that are far away from them, according to a study identified in the Los Angeles Times in 2009.

“I eat fast food once a week,” junior Roxanna Moya said. She only eats fast food on the weekends to give her mom a break from cooking.

According to the New York Times, Los Angeles is making a new policy that is banning new fast food restaurants permanently in South Los Angeles because of its high rates of poverty and obesity than any other neighborhoods.

“They shouldn’t close down restaurants because there is not going to be no place to take your family or someone special out to eat,” junior Victor Cabrera said.

Senior Kimberly Arenas said she would not be happy if vending machine were to be banned in the school. “Kids should have there own choice on what they eat. Give the kids options but also give them knowledge,” Kimberly said.

However, sometimes eating fast food is caused by parents not being involved in their children’s diet, instead of enforcing home made healthy meals parents often contribute by giving them money to buy fast food.

“We as adults should be able to sometimes force students to make wise decisions,” science teacher Robert Daniell said.

While some students might think fast food is more convenient than grocery shopping, fast food is not cheaper in the long run, safety officer Daymond Johnson said.

Although, fast food is popular that doesn’t mean everyone stays satisfied for a whole day, in fact making a meal from fresh products helps stay healthy and save money.
“When you eat at McDonald’s, 20 to 30 minutes later you’ll be hungry again in the next hour and go buy something else,” Johnson said. “When you look at it that way your spending more money as opposed to the grocery shopping.”

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