Charter School Rally

Charter schools have been having economic issues since they became more popular; however, charter schools have over come many public schools in academics and student education.

Charter school Students benefit from the education and have succeeded in attending college and acquiring better jobs than before.

Students thank their teachers for getting them to the place they are at now; however, more teachers suffer from budget cuts that prevent them from teaching students.

Although this may discourage some students and teachers many students, teachers, and parents are deciding to fight and do something about.

Parents want the best for their children and education is one of the most beneficial things for their kids, that is why parents have decided to attend the charter school rally “Schools we can believe in.”

The rally on February 4th 2012 will fight for equal funding for all public school students, parents also want to increase the quality of public schools , allow the parent’s voices to be heard and provide more quality space for all students to learn in.

Many important LAUSD officials attended in order to help contribute to the rally and make a difference parents and students need.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, attended and gave a speech to encouraged many parents and students to do well in school. He wants parents to not give up on their children, to “make sure their homework in done,”

He wants parents to attended every “back to school night, spelling bees and science fairs”.

He wants all parents to take part in their children’s school and help encourage their children to do better “parents count and need to be engaged with their children’s school” He provided parents with the necessary confidence and determination to help all students do better.

At the Charter school rally, John Daisy, the LAUSD superintendent, said that his contribution to the rally was to let people know how great it is to have “supportive students and families.”

Daisy said, “Students and families are a big voice in the community,” and mentioned that the rally was “fantastic,” and hopes it becomes a success to let people know that charter schools are a great and positive impact on students.

When John Daisy believes in charter schools he stated he is a proud supporter of them. “Charters schools are an essential opportunity component for LAUSD. We put 36,000 new seats in LAUSD Charter schools this year,” Daisy said.

This rally will help parents have a voice in the children’s school and encourage their students to do better in schools and have fair funding for all charter schools.v

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