New lunch line crisis

“Animo Pat Brown is always looking for ways to improve” said the principal Joshua Hartford. Within the last 2 weeks there has been a change in the Pat Brown lunch line.

The new lunch line is meant to keep the school organized during lunch and it helps keep track of who’s eating and not eating. “This will allow the school to calculate how much food is required for the next day,” Hartford says.

A couple weeks ago, two men came from The Home Office and looked at how Pat Brown serves lunch. After their observation during lunch, they then gave APB staff advice on how to improve the lunch line. The Home Office are the ones who gave APB the idea for the new lunch line, because they try to improve the way schools run.

Before, the line would have a lot less twist and turns but the new one is able to fit in a lot more students while making it seem like a short line.

Even though the school believes that the new lunch line will make great improvements in lunch, students have a different opinion on it.

Freshman Meliza Ramos likes the new lunch line, she said “It helps me sleep at night knowing that there is justice coming to the lunch line.”

The new line is able to make the line more fair and might also help students sleep comfortably.

Even though the new lunch line is meant to help out the students, many of them think of it as a downgrade instead of an upgrade.

Junior Cruz Contreras used to get his full servings during lunch, but, “the lunch line seems way to long compared to the last one. I don’t feel like getting lunch anymore”.

Students are now upset that they cannot get their full servings because the line is too long. Meaning they won’t get enough nutrients for the day.

Even though students might not see it as an improvement now, in time the line will prove greater than the last.

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