Teachers despise plagiarism as a violation of the purpose of education

Plagiarism is the act of copying someones work and claiming it as their own.

The act of plagiarizing has become common thanks to the Internet and all the information that it is able to acquire.

There are a variety of ways to plagiarize for example, copying someones homework or copying and pasting an essay from the Internet.

The act of Plagiarizing is not encourage in any school including, Animo Pat Brown. APB has established an Academic Integrity/Cheating policy. This policy states that anyone who is caught plagiarising will receive a zero on the assignment, have a parent conference going over the policy, and will be placed on a serious contract.

“I hate plagiarism” said Principal Joshua Hartford.

The reason why plagiarism is a big problem, especially for high school students and college students alike, is because it is way more simpler than writing everything yourself and less time consuming. In the long run the fact that students plagiarize will mess them up in the future, especially college-wise which will most likely suspend if not expel you.

Students who plagiarize will already be at a disadvantage entering college considering that Animo Pat Brown is preparing them for college.

“Students aren’t prepared to express their own ideas, which is essential in college. If they can’t express themselves in college then they are unable to write anything” said English teacher Brian Reed.

Animo Pat Brown is less ‘aggressive’ towards plagiarism compared to Colleges or Universities they will be most likely suspend or even expelled the student from the school.

History teacher Marla Orozco said, “ I feel that plagiarising is a bad habit and I think that if students do it once they’re going to do it again. The consequences in college are much more serious and if students cheat they can get expelled”.

Teachers are fair to all students but some may also look down and feel disappointed in that person.

“This does affect my perspective on students, it makes me look down on them. Plagiarizing is a betrayal of trust I feel like I am unable to trust some students” said Orozco.

It’s important to avoid plagiarism because you wouldn’t want to have a bad record that includes suspensions, detentions and maybe, some expulsions.

The Internet is a great tool for journalist to obtain information, although it is just as easy to cut, paste, and alter the wording is still plagiarism which is a mistake some journalist make.

The best way to avoid plagiarism in journalism is to conduct your own research on the topic, in that way you can avoid the temptation of acquiring the information from another reporter or an Internet page.

If acquiring your own information fails, the next best thing to do is to use information that another reporter may have had but, you have to give credit were credit is due.

Once you have written your story, go over it carefully and make sure that all the information that does not belong to you gets sited.

In Animo Pat Brown, the teachers specialize in a type of writing called the TIEA format. The TIEA is an acronym for Topic sentence, Introduction to evidence, Evidence itself, and the Analysis of the evidence you used. In the evidence, at least in English you can use a direct quote from the book you are reading, to actually avoid plagiarism for this you have to site the author’s last name and the page number in parenthesis.

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