Student Council and Yearbook classes merge for 2012-2013

The new school year of 2013 will be distinctive for what classes seniors will be able to take.
Yearbook class will no longer be offered at Ánimo Pat Brown. Student council will be creating the yearbook for the APB students.
Drama and Creative Writing teacher Ellie Herman coordinated the yearbook class and took part with members of yearbook to create the yearbook for 2012 .
The number of yearbooks sold this school year so far has been over 100 books, and that is primarily because the price of the books went to the lowest price in APB history. That is the highest number of yearbooks sold in APB and out of over 500 students, only 111 students have bought a yearbook.
This is one of the main contributions as to why the yearbook class will not be offered to seniors.
Student Council class, which is run by Read 180 teacher Catherine Perez and the members of Student Council, are leaders of APB that plan fun activities for the entire school and important events for seniors. The activities that are planned for the students are dances, music, Jamba Juice sales during lunch and much more.
Since there will be no yearbook class in the coming APB years, there is going to be another class that seniors will be able to take. This class will be called Expository Reading and Writing Class.
ERWC will now be an option for students who almost passed the early assessment program exam. In the ERWC classroom, students will be reading non-fiction novels and writing non-fiction pieces as well.
The new ERWC class will be saving seniors of the class of 2013 and years to come money and time. Students will be at a great advantage because they will not have to take remedial English class courses in their freshman year of college and they will be saving money by going straight to regular English courses. However, this only applies for students who take the class and pass.
Yearbook teacher Ellie Herman is very excited for the new expository class at APB. She thinks that the class will be excellent and very beneficial for students.
The yearbook will still be important and something students could be a part of. However, the yearbook can be created in a much easier way that will cover APB’s small size. The way yearbook is currently working does not work with the size of the school because not many people buy the book, and a whole year of class is being spent on the book, English teacher Brian Reed said.
The teacher who will be in charge of the Student Council class that will create the yearbook is Perez. She said that she was very confident that her students will be able to do it. She also thought that the new the new expository class are that the ERWC class will better prepare APB students to excel in college.

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