Learn what it takes to become a teacher

Not everybody knows what career they want to pursue from an early age. People often go back and forth with careers.
English 11 teacher Katy Bruski was not sure what career path she wanted to pursue.
She was convinced that she would be a researcher because she was a excellent at it.
However, her family, friends, and even professors had different opinions about Bruski’s future.
“Everyone told me I was going to be a teacher because that’s what everyone expected,” Bruski said.
At first, all those that told her that she would be a teacher were wrong. Her first job after college was an editorial assistant.
“I took a couple of jobs but it was boring sitting in an office,” Bruski said.
During the summer, she moved to California and while in the master’s program she took a job teaching fifth graders.
“I was like what am I doing? This is what I like to do, it’s so fun,” she said. “I wanted to teach high school so I applied for grad school.”
However, some people know from the beginning that they are born to teach. Math teacher Dana Mainella knew she would be a teacher since she was young.
“When I was 5, I pretended to be a teacher. I would use a blank wall in my house and an eraser as chalk and write on the board and yell at imaginary students. I was naturally drawn to it as a young child because I liked school so much,” Mainella said.
People are often motivated or inspired to become a teacher by positive influences. However, Mainella was inspired by a negative impact. Mainella’s senior math teacher made his students dislike math. She wanted to become a teacher so students could like math.
Senior Kimberly Arenas is one of those students. “Jeopardy Dance always got me through my toughest days,” Kimberly said.
Teachers are people who provide important education that benefits students in the future. Junior Melvin Fuentes believes “Teachers do influence their students because they set an example as to what hard work and dedication can accomplish.”
Teachers are people who make a change in not only student’s lives but also other people’s lives. They are the ones who know the capacities of their students.
“Teachers have a big impact on us students; without their help and motivation we wouldn’t be the smart students we are today,” junior Aracely Mendoza said.
When a student gets to know a teacher they become more than just a teacher. They become more like a parent, a mentor, and a friend, all at the same time.
Teachers must first receive a teacher’s credential in order to legally teach in a school. It usually takes about two years for a teacher to get their credential for most teachers. Teachers have to plan out many things, like come up with lesson plans and manage the time in class to get through the lesson for the day. That is still not counting the time they take to grade papers for

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