Animo Pat Brown students prepare for ACT and SAT

Animo Pat Brown students don’t get discourage to sign up for the  two most important test in your high school career the SAT  and ACT which guarantees your entrance to a four year college.

Students might be stressing out about the ACT test  because of the amount of testing and having to answer different levels of difficulty. The questions on the ACT have to be answered under a certain amount of time. The ACT will be testing on English, math, reading, and science. The ACT lasts two hours and fifty five minutes.

“I’m nervous those test scores are important for college. I’m not ready for ACT test because, its hard you need a lot of studying because the test has to do with a lot of subjects.

The section ill do best on is English, its a good subject and I get it, and the subject I wouldn’t do best on is math.

I would get bored because it gets boring and I might fall asleep”, said junior Amarani Cartagena.
Another APB student answered, “What I think about the ACT is its gonna be hard.
I am not ready yet but I will be because of the math and English prep.

The subject I will do best on is math. I would get bored in the English part because of the reading”, said junior Jessica Oliva

Now  Animo Pat Brown students might not remember  all the things they  learned in math or English ,but not to worry guidance class is a  source for review. Not only is it a source of reviewing topics students do not remember they also teach students strategies on the test to  make their time more efficient. The strategies used in guidance class helps students answer more question during the test helping them increase their test score.

However its their responsibility to take those classes seriously. Guidance class isn’t only the  source for studying students may also read and write in  and outside of class to become a stronger reader and writer.  Not only that  every student can also take practice test either online or in the SAT  and ACT booklets provided in their guidance classes.

When asked two APB students about how they are planning to  prepare  for both the ACT and SAT one answered, “I am currently taking the ACT prep. course in order to better on my test” said senior Dani Luna.

Another student answered, “ To prepare for the SAT I am taking the SAT prep course.
To prepare for ACT I am currently taking a extra math course: AP calculus.

It doesn’t make me nervous because I didn’t perform poorly the first time I took both test. But  what I intend to do is stay focused on the test and concentrate on completing all the problems so I don’t get distracted on something else” said senior Melvin Fuentes.

Its crucial that students try their best  on these tests because colleges uses the test scores to know students better. Its  important to take these both test seriously because when students are applying to college students must submit  their test scores along with the A-G requirement, extracurricular activities, recommendations, personal statement, and other factors.

Not to worry if students think they did poorly the first time you always have a second chance . It is important that they take advantage of the second chance they are given because students will already have a feeling of what the test is going to be like.

“When I retook the ACT and SAT I did score so much better than the first time. I actually took advantage of test preparation classes given by Ms.Risi for both ACT and SAT which at the first time I must admit it was such a hassle but as it came close for the test I took it seriously. I knew I would have to much to do so much  better or at least a bit of improvement because I didn’t take that many AP classes only one in my senior year. My only advice is that if those classes are still being offered everyone should take them serious and actually attend them. A lot of tips that are being given are very useful, but don’t feel discourage if you don’t seem a huge improvement anything is useful as longest you see that actually improved”, said Jessica Ramos APB alumni.

College administers are more concerned about the student’s composite score meaning the overall score of everything. While in the SAT they are concerned about each individual section.

Everyone knows that testing might be a drag especially when students  are testing for three hours and forty fives straight with breaks in between .

When asked an Animo Pat Brown student about what she plans to do in order to stay focused she said  “The day before the test I’ll make sure I have slept enough. But I will eat a balanced breakfast to stay focus before both test.

This might seem like a lot of testing but  APB students  have  taken test a thought through high school their high school career. Students are usually tested quizzed on the daily basis and given an exam at the end of every unit.  Not only that  almost about in every class students also do a lot of writing.  An SAT or ACT should discourage anyone from signing up to take these tests.

Here are some that tips Animo Pat Brown Students should consider these tips before taking the ACT and SAT test. Before testing every student should review over what they did in both of these test preparation courses. They should also visualize themselves having a positive outcome  by picturing themselves  sitting on their desk taking their test  and bubbling effortlessly. APB students are advised to get plenty of sleep the night before, because a well rested brain is much more likely to respond under pressure more efficiently. Most important students should watch what they eat for example whole grains, vegetables, and fruits will nourish their brain to function better. Plus it helps you remember important facts that you have might learned in the past.

The worst thing to do is cram the hours of sleep before an important test like the SAT and ACT. Students should avoid eating caffeine and junk food because during the test students might be energized for the first half of the test but run out of energy towards the end.

The easiest way to sign up for the SAT is on the website called:, however students are going to be guided through  the  process by either their guidance teacher or  counselor.
For the SAT its optional to upload a picture to a admission. But students must carry some source of identification with them on the day of the test.

However there are new rules to the ACT  every student who applies online must upload a head picture of themselves to prove its them in their school Photo ID or any other identification. The easiest method to register is on the website:  It is important to be punctual on the test date because doors are shut once the clock strikes 8:00 a.m. with their admission tickets and ID picture ready to go.

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