The Government Shutdown



The president and congress couldn’t agree on a funding bill by the end of September 30. Congress wouldn’t pass the funding bill  because Obama wouldn’t agree to definite cuts in ObamaCare. To meet a compromise, they had to come to an agreement on what should be the first priority of the country. Congress for the moment is still under shutdown and it has impacted national parks, government funds, WIC, and welfare. This government shutdown has also been degrading towards cancer patients who no longer have the resources to continue treatment. Pre-Schools all over the nation are slowly shutting down in this failing economy. If congress does not reach an agreement soon, the nation will collapse. The Democratic Party has argued that by providing this form of medical assistance, it will increase and expand the access to health care and help rein the rising costs.

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  1. It is great that you have decided to write about the government shut down. It’s a huge topic so therefore, a huge topic needs more writing to it. It’s so short I just wish there was actually more to read. And I’m not thrilled about definite and degrading being the words chosen for those sentences, just doesn’t sound right in my opinion. You could’ve also gone around school and asked fellow peers of what they thought about the government shut down so your article could have been a bit longer and more detailed. Or just google what people involved in politics thought about the government shut down so it can stay in the category of News. Overall, it was insightful but could’ve been much more detailed; great job though.

  2. I’m glad to see that Gryphon Gazette reported on the government shutdown, but the problem is that this article was posted on 17 October, which happens to be around the same time that President Obama signed a bill to end the shutdown, raising the debt limit at least until 7 February of 2014.

    Also, I have noticed that there have been students saying things like “WEL IF TEH GVEROMNENT IZ STHUHTDWON WYH WE STLIL COM 2 SKCOOL???” so I figure I may as well explain here: ÁPB, and all of Greendot, is funded by the state of California, and not the federal government. Our state government is still intact, so it would not make any sense for ÁPB to close for the federal government shutdown. Even other schools around the area, like Fremont and Jordan, are funded by the city of Los Angeles under LAUSD, so they did not close either.

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