Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted  by law or by a special agreement. It seems that by 2016 California’s minimum wage workers would earn $10 an hour under a bill passed by the legislature. It will become the first nation to commit to such a high rate. Governor  Jerry Brown said he will sign the bill to make it a law by that time. In July 2014  the current rate will go up to $8 to $9 an hour. Brown, a Democrat, said in a statement, “this legislation is overdue and will help families that are struggling in this harsh economy.” ( Minimum wage doesn’t only affect adults and teenagers who work, it affects everyone including students in APB. It affects students because it affects their parents with economic problems. It takes students away from being productive in school since they are trying to get involved to help their parents.  Brown opposed the bill he agreed to postpone the date of raise until 2016. Republicans oppose saying 25% minimum wage increase would hurt business and cut jobs.

Kimberly Herrera, a freshman in APB agrees that an increase in minimum wage is suitable. She says ” Its good for the people that are not residents of this country because they get a higher wage.” She also clarified that people should get paid higher than $8-$10 an hour because she informed us that “people who work hard should get paid higher.”  Marta, a staff in Animo Pat Brown who experiences minimum wage is challenging her economic system similar to many other people. Marta says, ” Es mas el trabajo que lo que pagan porque estaria bien que pagaran mas. She also notified us saying “Estaria por un lado bien porque me beneficiaria.” Margarita Miranda a senior in APB agrees that minimum should be raised as she says “Teenagers parents do not have enough money to pay for college so they  should have an opportunity to have an education in which minimum wage raising can be very helpful too.”

There is many controversy whether minimum wage should increase. Most people think minimum wage should increase because it helps many people who do not have a good career get a increase in  their pay.


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