Fast Food, Why is it so cheap?

KFC, McDonalds, and Burger King, what is it about this franchise that bring so many hungry customers to come and order from their menu? Is it their so call ‘quality food’? Or is it their service? No, seriously it’s just their greasy, cheap food that so many of us come to love, but have you ever stop to think what is it that you’re really consuming? It’s not like if your food’s going to start talking to you and tell you about its journey and how it come to be in your plate, right? I mean that would be preposterous.

During my athletic days me and my friends use to stop by McDonald’s before every practice and order a minimum of two McChicken sandwiches for they were tasty and cheap. I always had an ideas of the sorts of monstrosity that occurred behind the process of making the chicken patties, but I honestly didn’t really ever pay much attention especially when when I was enjoying my McChicken. For only a dollar per sandwich how couldn’t we refuse?

But have you ever stop to think and wonder why their is a value menu and how it’s possible to keep a low price for customers to come and purchase a meal from the dollar menu? Is there good quality food? Or maybe their cheap and filling menu? One must always stop and think what they are consuming because knowing is just the first step towards living a longer and healthier lifestyle. Also, knowing the real truth about the origins of your food is as important as knowing your street address , so what really goes on in the chicken industry? Many ask the question, and so little receive the full answer. However, activists organizations such as PETA have been trying to to enlighten the world about the hidden monstrosity that occurs within the fast food industry.

In the chicken industry, millions of chickens hatch and are forced to live a troublesome life before being slaughtered. After the chicks hatch, their beaks are immediately removed with a hot blade to prevent cannibalism and to prevent chickens from pecking each other from frustration. Most male chicks don’t make it this far because they’re too small for meat and cannot lay eggs. So they are thrown into plastic bags or into grinders while still alive. During the midpoint of the factory chicken’s lives, they are kept in confined, unsanitary, and cramped sheds known as “broiler sheds”. Tens of thousands of chickens are packed into these sheds each day. Diseases are well spread throughout the chickens due to the unsanitary conditions in the sheds. Food and water sources are scarce in these sheds, causing many chicks to starve to death.In addition, the crammed condition is so unstable, that chickens are forced to have to step on each other to move around. To make matters worse, while in these sheds chickens are injected with doses of growth hormones which causes them to grow an unnatural size. This hormone also known as “somatotropin”, causes the chickens to grow so much that many can hardly walk and get crushed by other chickens. Near the end of the chickens lives, they are packed into cramped cages to be taken to the slaughter house. Crammed into these crates causes the chickens to attack each other due to the increase in frustration, some even die from fatal heart attacks. Once loaded off into the slaughterhouse, the destiny of these chickens lie within the doors of the slaughterhouse. Chickens are beaten and taunted to death by these workers with no mercy at all. Chickens are stepped on, slammed to the ground, and also tied to a string from their necks and spun around till death. After these gruesome tortures, the chickens are hanged from hooks to be processed. Most of these chickens are half dead, still twitching with pain and agony. This cycle repeats each day, and has been repeating for many years behind our backs.

So you may ask yourself, what can I do to help and bring an end to this sort of catrosophy? The following are some solutions and ideas that we, here at APB, were able to gather information thanks to people like you.

  • Demand the improvement the conditions of these “broiler sheds”.

  • Demand for equal animal rights in order to bring an end animal abuse in all around the food industry.

  • Take part of your local animal activist movement and help spread the awareness of animal abuse.

  • Decrease the amount of days you go to McDonald’s, Burger king, KFC, etc. instead have a healthier and more balance meal a day even if it may take longer to prepare but trust us there will be the satisfaction of knowing that you perhaps saved an animal from more torture.

  • Shop at your local organic grocery store and look for foods with organic labels on it in order  to improve your daily diet.

All of these little attributions can help these helpless chickens from a gruesome fate. You can also donate at the PETA organization and get more information about other activities going on within other fast food industries.;jsessionid=B04B95035A06D680402E19624355BB52.app321b?df_id=12528&12528.donation=form1&set.custom.Campaign_Code=I13JWAXXXXG&autologin=true



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