James Avery’s Sudden Death

James Avery was born November 27, 1945 in Suffolk, Virginia and died on December 31, 2013. His death was attributed to complications after his recent open heart surgery. He was most commonly known for his participation in the TV show, The Fresh Prince of Bel  Air. He played the role of Will Smith’s  uncle. His character’s name was uncle Phil. A large amount of his young audience saw his character as a role model to look up to. This was due to the advice he gave and because was a wise man who would give many inspiring life  lessons. He also had a great sense of humor that made the audience laugh and put a smile on their face. Now that he has passed away he has a place in the viewers heart and home.


Students Opinion:

  • Have you ever seen The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
  • What are your thoughts toward James Avery ( uncle’s Phil’s) death?

Interview Responses’:

Yes, it was sad to find out that a great actor like himself died. I’m going to miss his sense of humor. -Anonymous  11th grader

  • Yes I have seen the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I don’t really have any thoughts on his death, except that his humor will be missed but when the time comes, there’s nothing you can do. -Anonymous  10th grader
  • Yes I have seen the show, i wasn’t really affected by it. I think that if Will Smith or Carlton died, it would be more affected to the audience. -Ms. Tran 10th grade English teacher
  • I have seen every episode, every season, several times when it was on air and now on re-run. I was devastated when I first heard the news. I felt he was like a father to me, a second father. Still grieving, hurts just talking about it. He influenced me to stay out of gangs, he wasn’t just talking to Will but also to his young audience. -Mr.Villagomez, English 10th & Journalism teacher
  • Yes i have seen the series, it’s sad for 80’s babies seeing him, a lot of us wanted to live that type of life, a lot of us kinda lived that life. Saw Uncle Phil has a good role-model, trying to help straighten Will’s life to the correct path. I lived that type life. -Mr Johnson School Security Officer

As can be seen some viewers felt affected by James Aver’s death while others didn’t.

Personal Opinion:

I was not very fond of him as an actor but I can say  that his sense of humor was very entertaining and his audience loved it and him. I think that because of him many teenage kids started to correct their path in life due to the fact that he would give advice that many of his young audience took to heart. Even though he might be gone his unique personality will always be with his audience that loved and cared for him.

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