Facebook’s new Gender

Facebook has progressed very significantly throughout the world’s society, linking friends, relatives and even new people that may share the same interests as you. The future is now and social media has taken on a new face, replacing old fashion communication with posts, chats and friend

As we all know, Facebook is the largest form of social media on the planet and is used by millions of people; In fact 1 in six people world wide use Facebook. As more and more people continue to join Facebook, the owners and administrators now have to begin to accommodate the users needs such as better functions and convenient uses.

As of 2014, Facebook has began to meet the demands of those who choose a different identity such as, transgender, cisgender, gender fluid, inter-sex and neither. 

These particular groups will now have the ability to publicly express themselves, as they can now change their previous gender to their liking having 50 different options of gender.

As of now there is no substantial record of opposition for this new feature. In fact the general view towards new gender choices was a positive attitude and will most likely be available in the U.S.

However a variety of choices in gender may not be available in areas outside the United states.

In conclusion, Facebook will soon have the option of gender, rather than male or female.

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