American Citizens Imprisoned in North Korea

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Recently the North Korean news agency reported an act of espionage against the American citizen, Matthew Miller. On Sunday, the supreme court of North Korea sentenced Miller to six years of hard labor. While in a tour, Miller decided to rip up his visa to experience the human rights situation in North Korea.

As most people know, North Korea is a very isolated country. The North Korean government is very strict on its people.This country is known for its mistreatment and limitations on their peoples rights. It is nearly impossible for anyone in North Korea to escape from the law because of its large army. It is proven that North Korea has the fourth largest army in the world. Anyone accused  of breaking the law can be sentenced to a prison camp.

In addition to Miller, Jeffrey Fowle and Kenneth Bae are also accused of unreasonable crimes in  North Korea. On April 2013, Bae was sentence to 15 years of hard labor for attempting to go against the government. Fowle was accused of being in a religious mission, soon after accidentally leaving his bible in a nightclub.If the United States does not interfere quickly, these men will face being sentenced to a hard labor camp.

When asking students how  president, Barack Obama, can interfere with the problems of the  American citizens imprisoned in North Korea, freshmen, Abraham Espino stated, “they should negotiate”. And on the other hand, with a different opinion, a junior said, “The president should focus on the conflict in the middle east because it was their choice to go.”


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