Rainstorm Expected for Halloween

Tomorrow night, October 31st, on our yearly celebrated holiday of Halloween; the Los Angeles National Weather Service Forecasters said that there will be rainstorm all over southern California.

This first widespread of rainfall is expected to hit just in time for Halloween and last throughout the weekend. The rain will dump up to an inch along the central coast and nearly a half-inch as it passes through the Southlands. Meteorologist Stuart Seto said, “In addition to umbrellas, trick-or-treaters would do well to bundle up as temperatures take a dip, making for a chilly Halloween”.

Throughout this weekend daytime highs aren’t expected to pass 70 degrees, with evening temperatures dipping into 60 degrees. There may be some periods of rain Friday afternoon, and a 20% chance of rain on Saturday.

Due to the lack of rain throughout the year, roads are “extra slick” due to months of oil build-up on paved surfaces. Therefore it is essential to remember that this weather could cause hazardous driving conditions. If any accidents occur please call 911 and report the accident to receive immediate help.


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