Black Friday War for Both Sides

Everyone knows that every last Friday of November is black Friday, it is when stores across the country offer amazing deals for one day only, as an annual tradition. This years sales did not disappoint, as many shoppers took advantage of the deals, however many workers and as well ordinary people  did not enjoy this so called Black Friday, and that’s not all.The workers from Wal-Mart in Colorado had their third strike of the year. “They protested against the conditions” (KimGittleson, The civilians on the working other side of the war try to convince other people to not to buy anything at all by protesting in front of places so that no one would buy the deals that are given by the stores . The U.S. civilians protested at a Macy’s in the city of Ferguson, Missouri for the same reason of making other consumers to not buy anything this year.


The Black Friday consumers don’t seem to care of what happened with the stores and protests, they just move to other stores to buy their holiday goods and move on with their lives. The people buy for the low prices and because of the economics this county is better that other years, the prices of the goods are incredibly cheap. So with that said, many people went to Black Friday and made this one of the bigger Black Friday this year. with so many buyers this year, it has become a very slow Black Friday this year, though this didn’t stop anyone from having their shopping done if any.

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