Why the confusion?


On Sunday midnight through Monday morning in South L.A, the now famous Trucking Scene Cruising, was a night to remember for everyone who went. This was due to the fact that Los Angeles Sheriffs Department cracked down on a major intersect which is used for burning tire on the pavement more like cruising; Broadway and Imperial was were Sheriffs blocked in the participants from both ends of Broadway. According to KTLA 5 News there was “44 people arrested, hundreds were given a citation, and dozens cars were towed away ” Authorities said to KTLA News; Some reason why people were arrested, cars taken away etc, was due to the fact that some had arrest warrants, drug offenses, suspended license. “Street racers? We are not street racers, we just cruise around and watch people burn rubber (tire), we don’t race, why do cops confuse us with street racers?” said Senior Alejandra Campos, an Animo Pat Brown student, whose boyfriend sometimes goes to these cruising s.

“We boxed them in here… because this is the main they converge to do this illegal type of activity” said Mr. Figueroa. Many would disagree this is illegal because they just do it for fun to kill time. However, according to authorities, this type of activity is illegal and police have been very strict on these type of events recently. Police have been planning this crackdown for about a week says Lt. Hutak. At least 100 police officers participated in this sting operation. Later on he stated, “They have high-end cars with modifications, they drive fast, often they’re under the influence of alcohol…”. This was a major reason that Sheriffs decided to put an end because they want to decrease the death toll traffic collisions. “The pedestrians that are on the sidewalks are just as in much danger as those driving and the passengers inside the car” the lieutenant said. The only reason why Police are being tough in this is because they do not want spectators being injured as it can happen any time.

The questions that is being asked is “why do the Police Department confuse regular cruising with illegal cruising? and Where can cruisers do all their “illegal activities” at. Recently the day of the crackdown, a spot in Lake Elsinore was open to the people to go and do all their activities with police present not interference; Sunday Funday 2. A student from Animo Pat Brown, anonymously said, “They should open up places like this again because being a participant in burning rubber, i hate the fact that i don’t want to do it in the low low”. In other words opening up a spot where people can do thing is good because people are protected by barriers in case some accident occurred.