LAPD Is Still Ruthless; Woman Dies After Being Assaulted By LAPD Officer


Picture of Alesia Thomas displayed at a news conference by family’s attorney.


LA City Council settles a lawsuit with the family of the victim who dies after being assaulted by an LAPD officer. Will the LAPD change its ways?

Alesia Thomas was 35 years old at the time when she was struck in her throat and kicked in the crotch by Officer Mary O’Callaghan. The LAPD officer was convicted of assault under color of authority. Surprisingly, the defense argued that the officer didn’t use excessive force.

The dash camera of the police car caught the entire incident. Officer O’Callaghan was clearly captured attacking Alesia while she was handcuffed. Alesia Thomas lost consciousness in the back seat of the police car and later died.

This isn’t the first time an LAPD officer is captured assaulting a victim. O’Callaghan is one of three LAPD officers charged with assault under the color of authority who have been captured on camera.

It seems like the LAPD’s reputation continues to worsen with no sign of compassion for anyone they face.

“I think certain officers don’t have respect. “ said APB Senior Leslie Reyes, “ When they mistreat civilians it’s viewed upon them all.”

“ I believe the LAPD will change their ways “ said APB Senior Bryant Gutierrez, “ they have to if they want respect from the people.
It seems students see a little light in the Los Angeles Police Department. It just might be enough to spark the break of a long and painfully negative streak the department has had for too long.