APB Middle School

by: Jasmin Corona, Miguel Verduzco, Cindy Gonzalez

Pat Brown Middle

 It’s official, Pat Brown Middle school has been approved. We have all heard the rumors about APB Middle school coming soon and now it is actually happening! This is an outstanding accomplishment for APB staff members.

Principal Hartford announced that he is leaving APB to become the principal of APB MIddle. Assistant principal, Mr. Reed is looking forward to becoming APB’s next principal. Hartford advises Reed “Do your own thing and don’t get caught into being like Hartford”. It’ll be tough for Hartford to leave the campus as he states “I’m going to miss the teachers and being able to relate to high school on a regular basis”. He also says it will be harder to joke around them, and won’t feel as comfortable as he does with APB.

Next school year, APB middle will temporarily reside at Bethune Middle. In the future APB will relocate right next door to our campus! The goal for APB middle is to further educate younger students and assist them on becoming more prepared as they reach high school “The school will be more advanced, everything will change”, says Reed.

Is next door the best location for APB Middle? APB teacher, Ms. Roselman “I’m excited to see the school being built next door, my middle school was next door to my high school and I would like to see what it’s like again”.

Is this a good idea? As for APB students, it is encouraged to spread the word to families to further expand our APB family. Maria Flores, senior at APB, says “Some of my family members will be attending because I think it would be a great opportunity for them to better themselves, although, I do think having middle schoolers next door will be a bother because they can be annoying” Nestor Vera, APB senior, also agrees “I think it would be helpful for them because they would look up to us and have an idea of how high school is going to be”. Overall, it is exciting to know that our APB family will be expanding but have concerns about having too many students around the area.


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