APB guides its students to a brighter future

Green Dot supports early career exploration among all grade levels; designed to help you navigate the college maze, recognize the key areas where you’ll need to succeed, and craft your own plan and personal vision. The counselors at Green Dot aim to provide students with early college knowledge to help them prepare for the college application process and life after high school.
Counselors walk through the procedures and application processes so that students will know what to expect. Students will be less overwhelmed by the information that otherwise would be thrown at them in other public high schools. Students are also informed straight from the beginning that the grading system is different.
Since Green Dot grading policy does not include any D’s it makes it more accurate and valid to the college grading systems. The campaign against D’s is a way to raise the bar and motivate students to work harder. In general, colleges are concerned with prominent grades; they do not seem to be interested in students who have D’s. In college you are expected to take responsibility for your education.
Ánimo Pat Brown makes sure that students can be independent but also are steered in the right direction. They are expected to follow basic behavior characteristics, but also to show a level of maturity.  Many students have expressed potential in handling serious and important information because of what teachers and counselors have constantly told the students: College is important and it’s an opportunity to a better life.
Although students tend to be overconfident about their future academic performance, they still need a mentor to guide them to the right path to their success, which is what APB provides to their students. Teachers are trained to help out the students in every way possible. They provide guided study after school on certain days for as long they need to. Students are allowed to stay and work on homework or make up work that will give them a chance to bring up their grades.
APB is a small school which means there are more chances of every student getting the attention they deserve from teachers. Students understand the material better and get better scores on test when they get the help they need.
Our counselors are able to help us out when it comes to applying to colleges. The counselors go to our guidance class to answer questions we have about applying to college and the various forms students must fill out.
We also get the attention required to help us during senior year. We’re provided with ACT and SAT preparatory classes. This gives us a chance to increase our possibility of getting higher test scores.
 English teachers have also started having Socratics in late 2010. Socratics help overcome our fear of public speaking. 9th and 10th grade English classes are beginning to include Socratics in their lesson plans because it helps the students understand difficult texts better.
APB also helps us by increasing our vocabulary. In English classes we are given vocab charts that we have to fill out for homework. We also have to do flashcards for the words. Teachers are introducing us to words that are seen on the SAT and ACT so that we understand the questions and answer them correctly and with more success.
English teachers also require us to read more. We read in and out of class, we also annotate the text to understand it better. Other teachers also require us to read for example, in math class we are given packets to read and annotate.
APB also leads us to organize ourselves which keeps us on track with homework and due dates. This organization prepares us for future reference, for instance when you go to college or get a future job, organization skills will be needed.
Being responsible for keeping track of paper work and maintaining organization on the job will be important in life and in succession. Organization is within you, it is one of the key points to success leading you to new opportunities toward life.
APB helps students in almost every aspect of their high school lives. At least all the education part of it. The scores are there to prove the success APB has had in guiding every student towards a better future. They give us the cushion to work harder and with determination, as well as behaving with success and acting responsible.

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