Grey shoes policy must change

he Animo Pat Brown staff is being to strict when it comes to the school’s policy on dress code, especially when it comes to not permitting grey shoes.


In years before staff was lenient with grey shoes with the school uniform, and staff would not say anything about it. The new school year has become a struggle for Animo Pat Brown students and grey shoes.


“I think that it is wacko because they get stricter each year and then we buy things that we don’t know we can’t bring and it’s a waste of money,” said juniors Edward Hinojosa and Juan Gutierrez. “Its very ridonkulous”

They allows students to wear grey undershirts, yet they cannot wear grey sweaters or grey shoes.


“I don’t get why we can’t wear grey shoes, it’s not like were wearing anything bright or gang related,” fellow junior Cruz Contreras said.


The dress code has not changed; the staff is simply enforcing it this year more which students find unfair. Or so students are told.


“We haven’t changed the dress code,” principal Joshua Hartford said.


The school planner this year states: “Dress shoes or tennis shoes must be black and/or white, including laces.”


Last years planner states: “Shoes, including laces, must be black, white, or grey.”

The rules of the shoe dress code changed from grey shoes being allowed to them being excluded from the limited options students already have to choose from.


“Some rules seem over the top and should be adjusted,” senior Katherine Chavez said.

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